Starting Dec.11th to Jan 5th, our custom prints and patterned vinyl will not be available for shipping/pick-up. Our only trained person that can operate our printing machine is taking a quick break. We will be happy to still take your printed/patterned vinyl orders at this time and we will process it as soon as Emyrose comes back to work. Our regular business operation will still continue as usual. If you have any question please email us at
 Chrome Polish adhesive vinyl is a brilliant, mirror-finish metallized polyester film designed for high-visibility graphics and signage. It occupies the sweet spot between chrome vinyls that are too thick and stiff and those that are too thin and delicate.  It's easy to cut and easy to weed. This brilliant chrome finish vinyl is designed for indoor and short-term outdoor use and is rated for up to two years outdoor, except the rose gold-it is rated  up to 5 years of durability.

Chrome Polish

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